Magic in the Maldives

Magic in the Maldives

Edward and Maureen recently celebrated their 30th Anniversary with a dream holiday to Fairmont Maldives - Sirru Fen Fushi

"Today marked another first for me and the starting point for a wonderful few days - a flight in a seaplane."

As a special 30th anniversary treat (where does the time go?) Maureen and I had booked our dream holiday to the Maldives. I have to admit as I climbed into the light craft that would transport us from Male to the Fairmont Sirru Fen Fushi that I felt like a teenager, giddy with anticipation. Maureen, on the other hand, looked a little more tentative. Still, as we took off and sailed through the sky, I saw her eyes light up at the flecks of white amid a vast expanse of blues and greens, the first sight of our island home for the next few days.

The seaplane bouncing ungainly to a stop on the undulating blue runway and we staggered out and our eyes adjusted to the sun. I can still taste the first sip of that fruity welcome drink.


Day 1.

We awoke to the gentle lap of waves coming not from the beach but rather from under the room itself. The soft rushing sound made for a unique lullaby and I resigned myself to a lie-in.

We wandered lazily to enjoy breakfast, taking our time to absorb our surroundings. On three sides, the azure carpet stretched across an endless horizon. On the fourth, a wooden bridge connecting us to the land, or rather, a wisp of an island flanked on both sides by golden swaths of sand and dotted with postcard palms.

Breakfast was a wholesome affair, no doubt influenced on by our pristine surroundings, and delicious. We spent the rest of the day exploring and soaking in the peaceful ambiance. As the afternoon sun beat down, we bobbed gently in the infinity pool that bisects the island while enjoying a cocktail. I think this was how I’d always pictured my retirement...

Day 2.

We headed out armed with snorkels to explore the atoll. I’ve never seen water like this, so clear it seems you're floating, suspended by invisible forces and drifting above shoals of iridescent fish. Turtles floated gently through the coral, seemingly unaware or at least unconcerned by our presence. Maureen claims she spotted a shark, albeit a small one. I couldn’t help feeling that it probably noticed us a long time before we saw it.

That evening we ate at Azure and enjoyed the most delicious seafood dinner. We splashed out, celebrating a lifetime of adventures together and toasted to the future. I must say though, I was glad of my Accor Plus card when the bill came over.


Day 3.

Our last full day in paradise and we ventured to an even more remote spot. Taking a trip to an entirely deserted island nearby. Equipped with only a picnic and a couple of beach towels we felt like castaways (no volleyballs were harmed in the making of our island adventure).

We celebrated with a sunset cocktail on the terrace watching as the water turned from sapphire to fiery red and finally inky black.

Day 4.

As we left the next day, I looked back at the photos on my phone. None of them really did this place justice, and I wondered how I’d ever explain it to my friends at home. I guess, for now, it’s our own little slice of paradise.

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