Happy kids = Happy parents

Excellent kids clubs = Happy parents

Lia takes the family to Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon Beach for some serious rest and relaxation.

Joko and I adore our children. We really do. But while we love spending time with them, a holiday wouldn’t be a holiday if we didn’t have a chance to switch off ourselves. When booking family trips, I look for an idyllic location, spacious rooms and great dining options. If you can throw in a kid-friendly package, then I’m sold!

A fellow Accor Plus member (and mother of three) told me about this place. She said if we were looking for a beach resort for a family holiday in Asia, we should check out Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon Beach. It also has this great MyKids package, which includes all children’s meals and drinks and importantly, access to its Kids Club. So this year we tried it out for ourselves.

While the kids explore, we unwind
We opened the doors to our Family Suite, and a whirlwind ensued as Budi and Indah raced to discover everything.

pool “Check out this view!”

“Look, there’s a cool loft area!”

“We have bunk beds. I get the top one!”

“Mom, there’s a PlayStation!!!”

Joko squeezed my hand and smiled. After the kids settled down a bit, he introduced them to the Kids Club nearby, giving me some much-needed quiet to settle in. I rushed the unpacking and took the opportunity to run myself a hot, deep bath to switch off from what had seemed like endless hours on the plane with restless kids.

After some relaxing moments on the balcony, we went to collect the kids. The club was much bigger than I expected, and the staff were so friendly and clearly knew how to entertain children. Indah and Budi bubbled over with excitement, eager to tell us about everything they discovered and what they wanted to do next. It was music to my ears – they wouldn’t be complaining about boredom on this trip!

While the kids get their first taste of inner peace, we find ours

At the Kids Club, Budi and Indah started each day with either yoga or stretching. Somehow the staff got energetic Budi to slow down and show off his flexibility. Even Indah enjoyed it, particularly the ‘corpse pose’ at the end (apparently she fell asleep).

Their mornings and afternoons were filled with cool activities, from Thai language and cooking classes to tie-dye and Thai dancing. There was a daily fish feeding tour at 5 pm, followed by movie time. They didn’t attend every activity every day, of course, and the activities calendar made it easy to choose what interested them.

Joko and I found our own inner peace, too – open-air exercise classes, a couples massage at the spa and swimming in the adults-only pool, the perfect way to switch off.
After recharging, we spent time as a family on the beach, around the kiddie pool and in the playground. We also had some lazy morning lie-ins and cosy evenings, when everyone piled on our big bed. No obligations, no rush, no stress. These times together are some of our best memories.

While the kids eat, the grown-ups indulge

Thanks to the MyKids package, I didn’t have to worry that Indah and Budi, who can be picky, wouldn’t like the food. They had access to children’s menus, buffets and beverages… It made dining with them a pleasure, knowing that the resort caters to children’s appetites and tastes.

Joko and I made the most of our Accor Plus membership, which let us save big on meals and drinks. There were so many excellent choices on offer at the restaurants and bars. He liked the tapas and cocktails at C Bar, with cool lounge areas sunken into the infinity pool. I particularly enjoyed the Italian cuisine and wine list at Vero. The kids adored all the amazing buffet options at Elements, and the Deli was great for a quick lunch between activities.

While the kids play, we relax all day

The kids were on the go from morning until evening. They had never eaten or slept so well on holiday! As for Joko and me, it was lovely to finally have some we-time, and then come back together as a family for delicious, healthy meals that someone else had cooked!

A quick consensus around the breakfast table on our last day confirmed: we’ll be back for another resort holiday at Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon Beach.