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Antarctica flight NYE 2024 package

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Your once in a lifetime adventure from Melbourne to Antarctica

On Monday, 30 December 2024 to Thursday, 2 January 2025, Accor Plus members are invited on a journey of a lifetime to the wonders of the Antarctic, exclusive to only 30 guests.

Your journey begins with a 4-course dinner at Pullman Melbourne on the Park, with tales of Antarctica from special guests, followed by a luxurious sleep in your Superior Room.

The next day, board a Qantas 787 Dreamliner for a truly spectacular New Year’s Eve flight over the world’s most southerly continent with full in-flight beverage and meal service, plus abundant photographic and viewing opportunities.

Your flight will depart Melbourne at 5:30pm and return at 7:00am on New Year’s Day, allowing you to celebrate New Year’s Eve in style over Antarctica in broad daylight. Following your flight experience, enjoy another overnight stay at Pullman Melbourne on the Park with breakfast.


Don’t miss this amazing experience, call Antarctica Flights on 1800 633 449 from Australia or +61 3 9115 9709 from New Zealand to book your place now! Accor Plus members are invited on a journey of a lifetime to the wonders of the Antarctic.


You’re en route to the icy expanse of Antarctica – without a jacket. But then aboard a privately chartered Qantas 787 Dreamliner, the standard rules of travel go out the window. The atmosphere on board is electric. You’re all present for the same reason – to fulfil that bucket list dream of exploring an uncharted continent, without even getting your feet wet. And with up to four hours over the ice and the remaining hours to enjoy the bespoke service – including premium drinks, delicious meals and talks from Antarctic expeditioners – it’s an experience like no other. Australia is one of the few countries from which you can take a sightseeing flight over the frozen south.

Every departure is different – no two flights are the same…


Welcome to Antarctica – the world’s last great wilderness. Aboard a cruise ship you would only touch the edge of the coast. Aboard a privately chartered Qantas 787 Dreamliner, you will glide over a continent that escapes the boundaries of perception. Become one of the privileged few to witness the desolate beauty of this untamed polar desert. With 19 planned routes to match the day’s weather conditions, we ensure optimal viewing for everyone on board. Our partner, Antarctica Flights, has been exploring Antarctica by air since 1994 – that’s over 30 years pioneering a land that remains almost entirely undiscovered.

We invite you to join us to continue its great discovery…


Anticipation blooms as the first icebergs come into view. The vast expanse of beautiful landscape that stretches before your eyes is as graceful as it is untamed, expansive and wild. As the plane soars in a figure eight pattern, you drop down to 10,000 feet – close enough to capture the subtle changes in shadow and the nuances of blue and pink marbled over the dazzling great white. Welcome to a continent with no permanent human residents, no currency and no government. The borders stretch further than the eye can see.

This kingdom is yours…


The flight provides a full day of Antarctic experience. Our flight from Australia ranges between 9,500 – 10,500 kms roundtrip (approximately 12 hours). Expert Antarctic expeditioners are onboard to talk on the polar environment and its history while video screenings depict life on the ground. Approximately three hours south of Australia, passengers will usually see the first scattered ice followed by dozens of icebergs and ice floes. We then cross the South Magnetic Pole where you will start to view the rugged mountainous topography of the Antarctic mainland.

This will be unlike any other flight you have ever been on and nothing can prepare you for the amazing sights you will see. Ensure that your camera batteries are charged and your memory cards are empty as it is not unusual for our guest to take over 1,000 photos and lots of video during our flights.

All seating classes will experience spectacular views over the ice and an unforgettable roundtrip including:

  • Meet Antarctic explorers onboard and experience live crosses to research stations
  • Take home your Explorer Kit with all the maps and stats you need to become an Antarctic expert
  • The ultimate birdseye over the continent with up to 4 hours of viewing that you will never forget
  • Full bar service – toast your discovery with champagne, wine, beer, spirits and soft drinks
  • Watch in-flight movies on the state-of-the-art entertainment system
  • Two full service Qantas meals plus in-flight snacks to keep you fuelled for the long day