Accor Plus Digital Card

Accor Plus Digital Card

“What do I do if I have forgotten my Accor Plus card?”

Forgetting your Accor Plus card after a lovely meal might be a nightmare scenario but you do not have to worry about missing out on your benefits again

You have just finished a lovely meal. The setting was perfect, the food delicious and the company, well, let us assume it was the highlight? Then, just as you go to pay and proudly produce your Accor Plus card, disaster strikes. It’s not there. It was in your wallet, was it not? Or did you leave it in the room, or worse, at home? You are getting a little worried now. The waitress has a patient smile, but you are wondering if she means it.

It has happened to all of us at one time or another, but not everyone realises that you do not actually need your physical Accor Plus card at all. As long as you have your phone with you, you have everything you need to enjoy your exclusive dining benefits.

Simply follow the steps below and avoid any unnecessary worry next time.

1. Make sure you have Accor ALL app downloaded on your device (click here for iOS and here for Android)

2. Log into the app using your Accor Plus account details.

3. When you need to show your Accor Plus card just tap on the little card symbol in the top right and show your server.

And voilà, through the wonders of modern technology, you need not panic about misplacing your Accor Plus card ever again. Now if only the same could be said for your credit card…


As a reminder, you can enjoy 25% off your total food bill when dining solo, 50% off when dining with one other, 33% when dining with two others, 25% with three others and so on. In essence, as long as you have at least one guest with you, you will always eat for free! More than that though, while dining in Australia, New Zealand or Fiji, you can use more than one card to enjoy additional savings. You can now enjoy your benefits in over 1,400 restaurants.

Also, whenever you are imbibing in Asia, you can save 15% off your drinks bill.

For a list of dining exceptions, click here.