Spend October in Phuket

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Spend October in Phuket

A jewel in the land of smiles, Thailand’s largest island has long been a must-visit destination for those looking to unwind on stretches of golden sand, savour unparalleled Thai hospitality or indulge in exceptional dining. 

From the party hub of Patong to the scheduled stretches of Freedom beach there is plenty to see and do on the island all year round. 

While not the driest month (October sits at the end of the rainy season), it is a time to see Phuket at its most vibrant. Greens and blue hues separated by swathes of gold make for idyllic pictures from any vantage point. 

October is also a great month for surfers who can still enjoy some excellent conditions with the swell making for some exciting waves. 

Far more than a culinary festival, the Vegetarian or Nine Emperor Gods Festival is a huge part of the island’s calendar. A celebration of health and wellbeing, these festivities last from September 29th - October 7th and see processions of devotees taking part in incredible parades together with piercings, firecrackers and of course, vegetarian food. 

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